Family Law
Corporate Law
Civil Law
Criminal Law
International Lawsuits
Other legal Consultations
Corporate ownership & governance, corporate foundation, capital increase, foreign investment, foundation of overseas branch offices or affiliates, foundation & operation of joint-venture companies, foundation of venture businesses and IT firms, and Kosdaq offering, etc.
International arbitrations complying with ICC's arbitration rules and London arbitration rules, and legal actions before foreign courts, etc.
Antidumping litigation, customs laws, safeguards, and import/export agreements, etc.
Business combination-related claims, FTC's investigation procedures and examination process, oppositions, and litigations, etc.
Work rules, collective bargaining agreements, employment contracts, dismissals, lay-outs, disciplinary sanctions, payment, diverse pensions, health insurance plans, corporate restructuring, and transfers, etc.
Diverse financial transactions for fund-raising such as national / international debentures, loaning, letters of credit, warranty and security, businesses of securities companies, asset management businesses, mutual funds, and investment advisory services, etc.
Legal disputes in relation to the Product Liability Act, and product liability issues under general civil law, etc
Foreigners' property acquisition, construction agreements, and plant export agreements, etc.
Governmental agreements, agreements on sales, lease, construction and export of diverse assets, registrations procedures, and auction process, etc.
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