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“Intellectual property rights” refer to rights to mental and intangible assets resulting from men's intellectual activities, such as patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, copyrights, rights of publicity, trade secrets, and semiconductor design, etc. NAMKANG Law & IP FIRM handles the full spectrum of IP issues with high efficiency and effectiveness, from consulting on IP protection to prosecution of IP right applications and registration thereof, including review of existing technologies and preparing specifications, and to management after application/registration and resolution of legal disputes. NAMKANG Law & IP FIRM has provided high-quality legal services mainly on IP matters to clients at home and abroad, with a superb IP group composed of attorneys who have intensive and extensive backgrounds in the IP area (having worked as judge of the Patent Court or the Korean Supreme Court, computer investigation official in the Supreme Prosecutor's Office, technical examiner in the Patent Court and the KIPO, etc). By successfully having handled very controversial matters recently, the firm is being highly recognized for its competence comparable to other major law firms in Korea.
- Advising on IP maintenance
- Review of existing technologies before application
- Investigation of registered designs or trademarks
- Preparation of specifications
- Registration of copyrights
- Oppositions
- Appraisal (analysis of technologies or rights)
- Designation of new technologies
IP rights should be continuously maintained through aggressive strategies even after registration till the date of expiration, for the most effective protection of valuable assets. NAMKANG Law & IP FIRM provides the full scope of legal services in relation to maintenance and management of IP rights, including technical transfer and licensing agreements, establishment of relevant strategies, and licensing negotiations between companies.

- Consulting on and maintenance of IP rights including preventing and warning of   infringement
- Consulting on and maintenance of copyrights
- Legal advice on the Unfair Competition Prevention Act and the Trade Secret Protection   Act
- Selection of technical transfer and licensing of patents and know-how, and   establishment of the relevant strategies
- Negotiation of technical transfer agreements, review & preparation of contracts,   consulting on diverse licensing
Recently IP rights gain in value and importance in today's competitive business environment, and protecting one's IP rights and respecting others in doing business in an effective way has become highly necessary. NAMKANG Law & IP FIRM helps its clients to respect others' IP rights by continuously monitoring the newest technology registration and legal cases, and suggests them an optimal way to protect their own rights as well.

- Consulting on infringement and expiration of IP rights
- Administrative proceedings including rejections, invalidation actions, cancellation   actions, and confirmation ofscope actions
- Legal proceedings for preliminary injunction and permanent injunction to prevent IP right   infringement, and for indemnity and credit recovery
As diverse network systems including the Internet have been widely used by a growing number of individual and company users through PCs since the 1990s, the Internet-related disputes involving email, data search, e-commerce, copyrights, domains, Internet addresses and Internet crimes are emerging as a new type of legal dispute. NAMKANG Law & IP FIRM serves as a reliable partner in resolving those issues through continuous research and reasonable practice.

- Consulting on agreements for E-commerce
- Consulting on online copyrights and trademarks
- Advising on disputes related to Internet domains and addresses
- Legal advice for online privacy
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