Managing Partner
Partner Attorney
Patent Attorney
2003 Northwestern University School of Law (LL.M.)
2001 Advanced Industrial Strategy Program, College of Engineering, Seoul National Univ.
1996 Leadership Program, Graduate School of IP Law, Yonsei Univ.
1984 Graduate School of Law, Konkuk Univ. (LL.M.)
1980 College of Law, Konkuk Univ.
Activities & Experiences
  Member of American Bar Association Member of
American Bar Association Section of Intellectual
Property Law(ABA-IPL)
2004. 8 Managing partner/patent attorney,
2001. 2 Managing partner/patent attorney, NAMKANG Law & Patent Office
2000. 2 Research judge (presiding judge) in charge of IP, Supreme Court
1998. 2 Judge, Patent Court of Korea
1997 Judge, Seoul Central District Court
1995 Judge, Seoul High Court
1983 Judge, Seoul (Central, Eastern, Northen)·Suwon·Jeju District Court
1981 The 23th Korean Bar Exam (13th Judicial Research & Training Institute)
Patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, copyrights, Internet-related disputes, trade secrets, inventions, other IP rights, various litigations in re administrative, taxation, civil, criminal, and family laws, etc.
Study on batch processing of patent litigation and patent infringement litigation (1998), Review on adequacy and creativity of copyrighted computer programs (2000), Determination of similarity in trademarks containing indiscernible part (2000), Qualification for patents (New Patent Act, 2005)
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