'Trade secret infringement case' between American (IST Conax Nuclear Inc.) and Korean companies regarding a nuclear power plant.
'Trademark dispute' of Speed 011 of SK Telecom
'Patent dispute' in relation with Korean-English shift technology used by MS' Office products
'Patent dispute' involving coloring services of mobile phone of SK Telecom
Litigation related to 'Chunjiin' keyboard system installed to mobile phone
Dispute over ‘Internet address in Korean’ of IeasySoft Co., Ltd.
Dispute regarding ‘Adware and Spyware’ of IeasySoft Co., Ltd.
'Invalidation patent registration" related to 'high speed rapier gripper band'
between Daeheung Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. and Korea Production Technology
'Injunction for patent infringement' related to 'Method for digital photo print
service' between SK Global and Digital Photo Co., Ltd.
'Injunction for patent infringement' related to 'Pinasta' between Choongwae
Co., Ltd. and Merck and Company Inc.
Claim for employee invented invention related to MPEG-4
'Trade dispute' related to 'Langsfield' of Dongkwang Co., Ltd.
Damage claim related to 'shopping cart' of Sambo Co., Ltd.
Request to disclose Korea Land Corporation's cost prices
Consitutional litigation re violation of overseas Koreans' voting right
Litigation of Samsong v. AND in Washington State Court
Litigation re cancellation of administrative order for suspension of driver license
Trade dispute on behalf of Louis Vuitton
Construction defect of Hyundai Construction Co., Ltd.
Construction defect of Daelim Construction Co., Ltd.
Rendering Legal commentary to the Korean edition of JADA
Legal advisor to Korean Publishing Cooperative Union, Paju Publishing Culture
Information Industrial Complex
Legal advisor to Ehwa Co., Ltd., Y2 Industry Development, New ES Valley, Value
Space Co., Ltd.
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