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NAMKANG has grown to become one of Korea 's most reputable law firms by
building an impressive record of successful civil and criminal litigation for clients of
diverse nationality. specializing in civil law, criminal law, intellectual property
disputes, family law, and corporate reorganization, NAMKANG's talented team of
lawyers, patent attorneys,and consultants have accumulated intensive experience
in the handling of a wide spectrum of legal disputes on behalf of clients both at
home and abroad.

NAMKANG's offices near the Seoul Central District Court, Seoul High Court, and
Supreme Court of Korea make our firm ideally positioned to provide highly efficient
legal services to all clients.

NAMKANG established in February 2001 by Mr. Jang-Ho Lee, Managing Partner &
Patent Attorney. Mr. Lee previously worked as a Judge in the Seoul District Court,
Seoul High Court, & Patent Court of Korea and also served as a Senior Research
Judge in the Korean Supreme Court.

Other founding partners in the firm are Mr. Jee-Seok Chung who once ran a
publishing company and now specializes in Copyright Law, Mr. Byeong-Seok Lim
who has wide experience in Corporate and Construction Law, and
Mr. Gyeong-Yeong Kim who specializes in Internet-related legal disputes, Patents
and Tort Actions.

More recently joining NAMKANG are Partner Attorney Mr. Sung-hwan Chang,
Mr. Sang-yook Cha, and Mr. Jae-young Kim. Sang-yook Cha?s areas of expertise
include Unfair Competition,Patents, & Designs. Sung-hwan Chang specializes in IT,
Intellectual Property Right, Corporate Practice, and Civil Litigation, and
Mr. Jae-young Kim specializes in Construction,Real property, and Taxation law.
NAMKANG additionally enjoys the expert services of Mr. Young-Su Kim, a Patent
Attorney who has served as an trial examiner and examiner in the Korea
Intellectual Property Office(KIPO) and as a Technical Examiner in the Patent Court
of Korea.

NAMKANG?s team also includes other legal professionals, consultants, and support
staff, all of whom are totally dedicated to providing the best possible services to
our clients.
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